Bruce Botnik

Brussels (BE)



Bruce Botnik was born in the cold winter of 1985 in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, where his father at the time was doing research on Polyvinylchloride. From his mother, the famous hippie model Sky Larissa Evans, he inherited the love for music and single malt bourbon.

At the age of only ten, Bruce played the cello, bass drum and the piano, in which he excelled. In doing so, the Queen of England invited him to play Dvorak on her birthday party at Buckingham Palace. When asked for a comment, Bruce stated: "She's a MILF." On October 6th 1998 at about 4 a.m. after witnessing a Dj Derek gig, the thirteen year old Bruce Botnik started dj-ing on the beer-drenched pick-up in a nearby striptease bar his oncle owned.

Growing older and more skilled, he exchanged his public of strippers and transvestites for steaming parties all over Europe. Mixing electro with EBM, rave, dubstep and the Doors, Bruce enjoys setting a dancefloor on fire as much as making analogue pictures of old people and genitals. He needs no more than a bottle and a decent blowjob to stirr up a crowd with pounding sweaty music.

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