Boppin' Benvis Brothers

Antwerpen (BE)

Retro Invasion and beyond

It’s obvious: a lot is recycled these days. People feel an urgent need to bring back “those days” which they maybe never have gone through themselves. Call it retro, call it vintage, call it nostalgia, they just call it “good stuff from the 40’s till the 60’s”. Yep, that’s what the Boppin’ Benvis Brothers bring every weekend again: tunes to bop, dance or jitterbug to. Main ingredients are rockabilly, ska, mambo, soul and rock all mixed in a magical jukebox potion.

Mister Benvis, Timothy Love and Natty Needle are living fast but don’t feel the urge to die young. There’s a lot of work to do in “Going Out in Style”, so put on your best suit and get your lipstick ready, cause it’s time to meet each other again on the dancefloor! Enchanté !

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