Rotterdam (NL)



Betonkust is one of the most exciting newbies in the latest wave of dystopian dance producers hailing from the west-coast.

On closer approach he’s situated in a righteously forgotten area of the lower lands and his sound is founded on a wide variety of hyper energetic music such as new beat, rave and Detroit vibed electro & by artists such as Unit Moebius, Electronome and I-F. The early 90’s are the mainbase all over!

While melancholia and dreamy drills always remain a keystone throughout his performances, there are catchy outbursts which provide a welcome element of surprise.

Inspired by post-modern society and its striking disfigurements, these are the days when someone such as Betonkust thrives.

Where recent attention went towards his collab EP ‘Hotel Breukelen’ with the Los Angeles based Palmbomen on the ever-excellent Pinkman, they previously issued a trouble up on the indie imprint 1080P. At least as exciting are several solo remixes & projects lined up for the near future!



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