Beautiful Swimmers (Ari Goldman)

Washington (US)



Washington D.C.'s Beautiful Swimmers is the DJ and production duo of Ari Goldman and Andrew Field-Pickering. They were musical youth, raised by families ready to show their kids the good shit, while being exposed at the same time to DC's famed hardcore scene of the 90's, as well as its rap, go-go, and club radio stations. As things mutated further they met, chilled, and began to take advantage of living in one of the best places for finding records on the planet.

As DJs, the Swimmers balance classic dance tracks, known and unknown, with raw exclusives from under the underground. Andrew (who also records as Maxmillion Dunbar) co-runs the Future Times label, an imprint thriving alongside a growing swell of producers and labels from the east coast of the USA. At home, the duo curate their party "The Whale", which has become heaven for DC's freaks at the suddenly (and deservedly) famous U Street Music Hall.

Making tracks informed by the same "indescribable everything" that Resident Advisor wrote about in their Future Times feature, Beautiful Swimmers produce music that bounces around genre like a kangaroo. Their sold-out vinyl releases on FT and remixes for labels like Hivern Discs and ESP Institute wrap up a myriad of influences and production techniques into songs that hit you out of nowhere, with a signature sound that is somehow always changing. The duo are firmly in the zone, carving out a spacious corner for their unique style in both DJ bags and the collections of a growing group of devotees worldwide.

"These are not some sterile techno guys, these aren't house guys or promo only disco fetishists, when you call the Beautiful Swimmers there is no ego, no posing, no attitude cause these dudes are out to have fun and show you a good time...GAME OVER!" - Ron Morelli, L.I.E.S.



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