Brussels (BE)

Active as a DJ in the underground scene since 2003. With "Digital Monster" parties he begins to get recognition. Much inspired by science fiction movies, his selection often leads to industrial technoid music, reminding us of robot walks and the "wave" influences of Detroit.

It is also at free parties that he gets his hands dirty. He keeps a taste for the Rave sounds and the Bangers worthy of a big warehouse. Respectful of the old school DJs, headphones stuck to his ear, it’s sharp cuts that make his mixes recognizable.

He is part of the duo The Acid Mercenaries that can be found on labels such as "Panzerkreuz", sub-label of "Bunker" and "Activities records" which promotes Belgian artists or on "Narcosis" and "Comphusion". These labels make them perform all over Europe.

Bat will prepare a mix of classics and brand new tracks to offer a complete overview of techno from its origins till today.

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