Angela Transbury

Paris (FR)



One day, or one night, a boy died, alone, on a lost and dark lake. Brrr.. When he woke up, his sex had disappeared. Flown away. His clothes are differents. A new life has begun. Now he decided to be what he wanted to be during his poor life. Everything is possible here. With his new name, Angela Transbury decided to steal the place of the cabaret-queen of this country. He walks, meet some nice people, he tells them his history. Soon, a army of freaky and strange people will follow Angela Transbury, searching in the fog the too old cabaret-queen. They organized crazy parties together where Angela sings and dances with them and for them. During this time, he drinks his lovely Wodka, hoping to meet his love, the groom of his heart. Will you be my army? Will you be my groom? Or will you be this bitch of old cabaret-queen..?





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