Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip)

London (UK)

Joe Goddard and Alexis Taylor met in their early teens at Elliott School in Putney and are the core duo of Hot Chip ever since. That's 18 years ago when listening to the Beatles, the Kinks, Prince and yep, Stevie Wonder.

Their last album was "One Life Stand". Gorgeous ballads, candid style, future house classics, bass-line Detroit and the surprising EuroDance track "I feel better". Primitive and rough were inspirations, bringing back the original spirit of dance music. Electronics that feel human, not slick, airbrushed and perfect.

Alexis is obsessed with music. Music for him is a desperate passion. A collector. In 2008 he experimented on a solo album "Rubbed Out" and recently he collaborated with Justus Kohnke for the release of a Kitsune compilation. Click here for more on that. Nochexxx, Fingers Inc, NDF, Justine and the Victorian Punks, Prince, Donna Summer, Paul McCartney and Wings, Theo Parrish, the Style Council, Boy Better Know are some of the bands Alexis puts in his dj set.

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