Acid Washed

Paris (FR)

Acid Washed is a two-man process primarily, deteriorating sound amongst souvenirs, friends, home studios and analogue equipment. It follows the blueprint devised over the past year by Richard D’Alpert and Andrew Claristidge: two DJ’s keen on using modern and vintage equipment to create sophisticated electronics with a sharp pop aesthetic.

The result is a fusion of late nineties French house vibes and DFA disco touches that acknowledges the influence of Chicago and Detroit without being overly reverential. Throw names like Steve Reich, Giorgio Moroder into the hat as well if you like, but don’t dwell on them. Cosmic tunes for the party tonight. Their sense of style hasn’t gone unnoticed outside of the music world. Artistic direction for the project comes from the British designer, Anthony Burrill, His striking, geometric visuals adorn their record sleeves as well as providing the hypnotic, focal point of their music videos and visceral live show.

Collaboration is the key to Acid Washed; the list of big-name players queuing outside the hit-factory is getting larger by the day and shows no sign of dying down.

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