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About Group is  Alexis Taylor (singer) (Hot Chip), Charles Hayward (drummer) (This Heat, Camberwell Now, Monkey Puzzle Trio, Clear Frame), John Coxon (multi instruments) (Spring Heel Jack, Spiritualized) and Pat Thomas (pianist) (has played with Derek Bailey, Tony Oxley, Jimmy Carl Black and Eugene Chadbourne amongst countless others). That's called a "superband", when several musicians from different bands get together.

Ok, Mr. ("Sir" if it were us) Taylor got a Mercury prize and his voice can be heard in Hot Chip videoclips that have been watched a zillion times on YouTube but for music lovers the other names are of impressive musicians.

About Group makes music that isn't fully worked on when starting the recording of an album. Improvisation was a key word. The first album was recorded in a day in 2009, in 2011 the album "Start And Complete" (buy it here) was recorded at the famous (from the Beatles) Studio 2 at Abbey Road and launched on Domino Recordings. The idea was that no one band member would know the songs well enough to have specific parts, or be prevented from playing something like the first ideas that came into their head.

The article in The Guardian says even more : and we do copy a comment of a reader : "Good to see Charles H is finally reaching the edges of public consciousness. This Heat made some of the most enthralling music of the time - any time - and CH continued this with all his solo projects such as Camberwell Now . . . He's a familiar figure in South East London, having inspired many other musicians to experiment with the structures of sound and meaning in ways that trad genres usually don't explore.
His drumming is legendary - he's played all over the world, with some of the greatest musicians - but still found time to run drumming classes for kids at a community centre in Deptford (probably closed now . . . ). His gigs with Pat Thomas are always a great night out as well.
Also worth checking out the film of CH that was released a while ago . . . . Hopefully he can can earn a few quid out of this, although what's not spent on his family will no doubt go straight back into producing even more (memorable) music.
He's a man on a mission . . ."

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